Fly to dreams

(A/N A poem I wrote for a friends birthday ^^ – hope she’ll like it…. btw see what the first letters of each line spell)
Willow like little feet
In fright utters a tweet
Noxious fear creeps in
Goads, whispers “You won’t win”
Serpentine is this voice
Stunned, the bird makes no noise.
Presently, mother trills
Reassured fowl refills
Energised, reaches out
Arises, tall and stout
Decides, “Come what weather,
Oust my fear with feather.”
Usurps wits, bids goodbye
Takes off into the sky


A poem about my chemistry teacher:

I lecture children to their grave
Cut their throats if they don’t behave
With sticky blood my palms I lave
You dare to argue? How so brave!

All my minions – I make deprave
Lend me your ears : I’ll rave and rave
Not a soul I’ve ever forgave
Onto hell my way I shall pave

I’m neither a knight nor a knave
Just an old hag condemned, enslaved.

Once, I murdered a boy named Dave
He told me I needed to shave.
I hung him and made him my slave
And made him swear not to misbehave.

War Leeches

Metallic clashes sound

Raging war knows no bound

Fires crackle and roar

Death has opened his door

Homes reduced to rubble

Survival is struggle.


Roads stop leading to Rome

Poison lies in sea foam

Balances have now tipped

Nightingales are tight-lipped.


When spark of war is born

Red brides become forlorn

Belly swollen with child

Eyes awake, puffed and wild

They await husbands brave

To quench the love they crave.

Two Fireflies

Two flickering fireflies

Wander a winter night away

They prattle and hiss

And they communicate..


Two strange fireflies

They find solace

In an unusual companionship

Which might not be erroneous after all.


Two fireflies, one bleeding

The other perhaps barely pulling through

Cannot but wonder

At the spark of humour shared between.


Two fireflies, one hailing from the hills

The other from rocky suburban coasts

They want to believe

That the world isn’t all about deceit.


Two fireflies, now homeward bound

In their hearts ignite

An almost bizarre song

That the world will one day unite for.