A poem about my chemistry teacher:

I lecture children to their grave
Cut their throats if they don’t behave
With sticky blood my palms I lave
You dare to argue? How so brave!

All my minions – I make deprave
Lend me your ears : I’ll rave and rave
Not a soul I’ve ever forgave
Onto hell my way I shall pave

I’m neither a knight nor a knave
Just an old hag condemned, enslaved.

Once, I murdered a boy named Dave
He told me I needed to shave.
I hung him and made him my slave
And made him swear not to misbehave.


Rock to Pebble

A rugged glimmering stone

Swept into flowing waters

By winds of coming of age


It is hither – thither thrown

Polished, cut unto quarters

And hurled in a sandy cage


‘Tis now yet another clone

Glimmering jewel no longer

A Never Ending Midnight

(A/N I hope this is decent. BTW this one’s a song! With an actual tune and everything LOL)

Verse 1

Scarlet taints

Toothy grins

On sunny faces

As gums give way

And begin to bleed


Hollow eyes

That once laughed

Now only stare back

Accusing you

Of lies and deceit.




Now mornings are filled with nightmares

Tender hands, are full of grime

The golden past lies forgotten

The present is barren and bleak

A never ending midnight.



Verse 2

The world was once

A smiling face

But now it’s ailing

Burdened with



Children work

They toil away

Away from their games

And all their dreams

Have been snatched away

Vanished Grin

She looks around with pleading eyes

Yet, none look at her for a thrice

She cries out for the world to hear

All she receives is a deaf ear.


Locked within her four solid walls

She waits in vain for returned calls

She writhes around and cuts her skin

And hurls her sick into the bin.


She never thought, but yet it seems,

The world would not accept her dreams.

Lifeless fear

I walked past a morgue today.

Pictures of gore and pain graced my mind.

I stared at the bolted door


I let my mind wander free

And was possessed by the terrifying thought

Of one day finding you encased

by its sterile walls.

I cannot give you up

I need your optimism in my life

I can’t give you in

to the gods in heaven

that you’re so fond of believing in.

But it’s not in my hands

To hold back a soul

Whose time has expired.

I wonder if I might break

If I see your bod go up in flames.

Or if I might be overjoyed

That sorrow can no more

Imprison you in his skeleton fist.

Words Cut

Harsh words –

They draw crimson,

And they push you into a ravine

Of sordid self loath.


They make – forget

Little cheers and ecstasies

Till festering wounds

Become your only vice,

And a happy world

Is naught more than make – believe.


The sun shines oft and sure

Yet icicles form

Inside your entrails

Making you writhe in agony.


Golden smiles are all around

You plaster one on to mirror them all

But yours, my love, shines far fairer

For underneath it

Burns a pyre of despair