Never Ending Midnight

This is the first (and only) song I’ve written so far. The lyrics have been published two posts below. I do hope to hear some feedback on it.
Be warned – that’s me singing, meaning you are in for some serious ear torture lol.

Btw, the pictures are NOT  mine.


A Never Ending Midnight

(A/N I hope this is decent. BTW this one’s a song! With an actual tune and everything LOL)

Verse 1

Scarlet taints

Toothy grins

On sunny faces

As gums give way

And begin to bleed


Hollow eyes

That once laughed

Now only stare back

Accusing you

Of lies and deceit.




Now mornings are filled with nightmares

Tender hands, are full of grime

The golden past lies forgotten

The present is barren and bleak

A never ending midnight.



Verse 2

The world was once

A smiling face

But now it’s ailing

Burdened with



Children work

They toil away

Away from their games

And all their dreams

Have been snatched away