Never Ending Midnight

This is the first (and only) song I’ve written so far. The lyrics have been published two posts below. I do hope to hear some feedback on it.
Be warned – that’s me singing, meaning you are in for some serious ear torture lol.

Btw, the pictures are NOT  mine.


A Dying Song

(A/N This is a poem made entirely from lyrics of various songs (Try to guess which ones :D). I have read that this is a form of poetry but have forgotten what it’s called… do tell me if any of you know… Also, criticism and suggestions are most welcome of course.)

There was a time
I had a heart then
That made
Pavements shine like silver
Even brighter than the moon

Once upon a time
The world was a song
And we taught them all to sing along
Every time I closed my eyes
I swear I could fly

I made it through the wilderness
A long long journey
But now
I can’t even breath (or)
Stop for a minute and smile…

And it’s too late to go back to sleep (because)
It all went wrong.
The queen has been overthrown
And I’ve become so numb.