War Leeches

Metallic clashes sound

Raging war knows no bound

Fires crackle and roar

Death has opened his door

Homes reduced to rubble

Survival is struggle.


Roads stop leading to Rome

Poison lies in sea foam

Balances have now tipped

Nightingales are tight-lipped.


When spark of war is born

Red brides become forlorn

Belly swollen with child

Eyes awake, puffed and wild

They await husbands brave

To quench the love they crave.


Lifeless fear

I walked past a morgue today.

Pictures of gore and pain graced my mind.

I stared at the bolted door


I let my mind wander free

And was possessed by the terrifying thought

Of one day finding you encased

by its sterile walls.

I cannot give you up

I need your optimism in my life

I can’t give you in

to the gods in heaven

that you’re so fond of believing in.

But it’s not in my hands

To hold back a soul

Whose time has expired.

I wonder if I might break

If I see your bod go up in flames.

Or if I might be overjoyed

That sorrow can no more

Imprison you in his skeleton fist.

A Dying Song

(A/N This is a poem made entirely from lyrics of various songs (Try to guess which ones :D). I have read that this is a form of poetry but have forgotten what it’s called… do tell me if any of you know… Also, criticism and suggestions are most welcome of course.)

There was a time
I had a heart then
That made
Pavements shine like silver
Even brighter than the moon

Once upon a time
The world was a song
And we taught them all to sing along
Every time I closed my eyes
I swear I could fly

I made it through the wilderness
A long long journey
But now
I can’t even breath (or)
Stop for a minute and smile…

And it’s too late to go back to sleep (because)
It all went wrong.
The queen has been overthrown
And I’ve become so numb.

Bruised Melody

(A/N To a very good friend of mine… you are beautiful no matter what anyone says – don’t dare forget that.)

Bruised fingers

Hammer at keys

Strings vibrate

So painfully.


Ivory and onyx

Dance their way

Into a splendour

Intricately woven.


Shivering strings

Shudder and heave

In a flowing tune

Composed by worn hands


Masterfully, in agony

A song is set ablaze

One like no other

Wounded, yet sheer perfection.